Alonissos Villa Paparouna

Alonissos Marine Park is an area of particular importance. First established in 1992 by presidential decree. The marine park is the first protected waters in Greece and is the largest in Europe.
The flora and fauna of the ecosystem that can be found here are rich with many species of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

The endangered ‘monk seal’, the rare ‘eleonora falcon’ and the ‘majestic ibex of Gioura’ are just a few of the species that are found in the region. The beautiful, traditional ship ‘The Planitis’ gives you the opportunity to witness these wonderful creatures, taking you far out into the heart of the marine park.

This wonderful ‘Planitis’ experience incorporates some breathtaking scenery. During this trip, there are plenty of opportunities to swim in these clear, protected waters whilst looking out for the many dolphins that swim in these waters. A visit to a secluded monastery and meeting the few monks that reside on their lone island is also included. Lunch and refreshments are provided onboard this memorable ‘Planitis’ excursion day trip. More information can be found here: “The Planitis Experience”


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